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Fall In Love with JESUS

Fall In Love with JESUS

When we fall in love with someone,
We want to know all about them.

We want to be with them.

And we want to do what they want to do.

When we fall in love with JESUS, that’s what happens.  We want to know Him better…more intimately.

We get to know Him better by reading the Bible, by talking to Him every day in silent prayer and by wanting to live like JESUS.

  • We want a very close and unbroken fellowship with CHRIST.
  • We want to see with HIS eyes. 
  • We want to feel with HIS heart. 
  • We want to think HIS THOUGHTS. 
  • We want to have the mind of JESUS. 
  • We want to reflect HIS Character. 
  • We want to be like JESUS.
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